What is an Academic Hood?

April 9, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Graduation is certainly the most thrilling and eagerly anticipated occasion and occasion in each and every student’s life. It is an occasion that certainly solicits feelings of triumph and pride amongst students and their loved ones, family and benefactors. In order to make sure that you are physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for this big event, you should prepare each and every detail ahead of time. And part of being prepared is obtaining your academic regalia prepared way ahead of time. This includes preparing your academic hood.

For majority from the attendees or even the graduating students themselves, the academic hood is just an additional piece of academic regalia accessory. However, it is more than just a piece of garments. It holds unique significance towards the one wearing it and also the academic institution giving out the diploma.

What is its purpose?

The academic hood is an essential component of the academic regalia. For starters, it’s worn by almost each and every graduating student from those receiving diplomas to get a bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree. It’s traditionally worn hanging in from from the wearer’s chest. It rests about the base of the neck and anchors itself on the neck and shoulders of the student wearing it. The discipline in which the student is receiving diploma from is becoming represented by the colour from the hood’s lining. It varies significantly in length. For instance, graduate of doctor’s and master’s degree put on hoods that are three and half and four feet lengthy respectively. Meanwhile, undergraduates or bachelor’s degree holders put on hoods three feet in length.


The hood was originally worn by members of the clergy and other religious orders particularly among Catholics and Angelican priest during the early periods from the medieval years in Europe. They had been then adopted by scholars and eventually academic institutions which are only worn in unique occasions and academic rites. Like today, the wearing from the hood serves as a distinction. Another practical use of the hood is for warmth and comfort during the cold seasons of the medieval periods.

Contemporary Use

The academic hood these days is utilized only during academic ceremonies and occasions like commencement workouts and graduation rites. For numerous years, the use from the hood is component of the tradition in many academic institutions as component of the entire and complete academic regalia. In fact, its use has been established as a regular by no less than the American Council on Education. These standards must be followed and observed closely by schools and academic institutions throughout graduation ceremonies.

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