What To Do in Mountain View California

April 6, 2012 · Posted in Sports 

Mountain View lies just south of San Francisco in the Santa Clara valley. The beautiful Santa Cruz mountains provide a great backdrop for this area. The town is rich in culture and at the same time offers lots of activities for visitors and locals alike. Mountain View is close to the Pacific Ocean and it is possible to spend the day at the boardwalk during the warm summer months. There are so many things to do and try and anyone who wants to vacation close to San Francisco without all the confusion of the area should visit Mountain View.

If you love farmer’s markets, you will be happy to know that Mountain View is home to one of the largest farmer’s markets in California. This award-winning fresh fruit and vegetable haven has produce from over 80 farms from the local area.

The Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts features innovative technology boosting the visual effects for viewing a theater production. Discover spectacular theater events at the Performing Arts Center, the entire family will be able to take pleasure in an evening of entertainment at its best.

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View offers a vast array of exhibits, information, and an unbelievable multimedia library collection to discover. This is the world’s largest institution exploring the impact computers have had on society since the first introduction. Exhibitions and tours are available, filled with ephemera, photographs and videos for a dynamic and fun informative experience. This is truly a journey through time with a fabulous tour to enrich the family’s knowledge and fun.

Another fascinating building is the Peralta Adobe, which was built in 1797. A fascinating historical tour begins at this location, allowing you a glance into furnished rooms once occupied by the Peralta and Gonzales families. The other half of the tour takes place in a Victorian mansion built by one of San Jose’s earliest mayors. This mansion features a beautiful look into its 25 glamorous rooms.

Mountain View Skate Park will offer the youngsters in the group a chance to get out and have some free fun. This unique skate park is open from dawn to dusk and provides a great place to practice or just enjoy the metal ramps which were made especially for this popular sport.

These unique destinations can be topped off with a visit to one of the many fantastic restaurants located in Mountain View. One of the best restaurants, Cascal, offers some of the most delicious Latin food you will ever taste. This city is also home to some very nice hotels, many of which will give you beautiful views of the Mountain View scenery. Once you set foot into this amazing city, you will want to come back time and time again.

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