What to expect on stag parties in Europe

December 22, 2011 · Posted in Travel 

A stag party is something that doesn’t happen again for the groom. It is supposed to symbolise the abandonment of the life of a bachelor, which is a considerable occasion. Something equally as significant needs to mark this occasion, then, for going out and getting hammered is something that can happen even after you are married. The stag party should be something that is right on the border of being something that could defiantly not happen once the wedding has taken place. It needs drinks, it needs debauchery, and a great setting; it needs a European city.

For a start, how often are you going to be able to go on holiday with just the lads once you are married? Completely free from the watchful eyes of your other half the groom will be able to let completely loose for one more crazy night before he has to adopt the responsibility of being a married man. And in Europe you have some great options for destinations.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and one that has some great tasting beers. Or perhaps Berlin is more your thing, with more delicious beers, but more in the way of a night life: the Watergate night club is a great place to experience a genuine German techno party.

Why not head to Amsterdam, which is another European city noted for its beauty; and it is the perfect place to have a stag party. Once again the beers will have your taste buds doing back flips, and the beauty of the place makes it a lovely place to drink them. And, of course, the availability of certain substances that cannot be bought in the UK make it a great place for experiences that cannot be had once married.

There are plenty more cities in Europe suitable for this kind of occasion, and some even have special parties and nights designed for them. Tallin in Estonia, and Budapest are just a few and are certain to give the groom a night to remember.

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