What’s the Connection Between Business Leadership Management and You?

December 31, 2011 · Posted in Business 

Business leadership management combines the unique elements of who you are as an individual as someone others will follow and as a manager – someone that can lead their supporters in the right way. Because your business leadership management personality is yours and yours alone, it the sole competitive advantage you have that can endure against all others each time.

There’s actually only one-way to tell if your business leadership management personality is effective as a magnet that attracts followers. You have got to ask them. What do your employees say about your leadership to one another, outsiders, your competitors? As an example, are they pronouncing that your business leadership alone insures the long term success of the company?

Would your workers say that you’re giving it everything you have got – making a 100% contribution to your organization? Do you think you have what’s required to guide your organisation in these very challenging times?

I bet, more times than not, effective corporate leaders are actually just regular common people like the rest of us who are internally incentivized to stretch themselves far beyond what even their mother-in-law expects of them. Is that you, a typical person who is always out there plowing forward no matter what – always ready to be responsible for the results the company achieves, then giving the credit for that feat to the folks who in reality did the work?

Whether that’s you or not, allocate the time and energy to develop a spirit of mission that goes far beyond the week to week. Understand that you are there in your business for a reason, that you are running the enterprise so you and your people can accomplish something special.

What is it that brings your leadership and business management traits to the front? Are you feeling you’re here to make things better, for your family, your staff, and your organisation? If this is so act like it – somebody has trusted you with the position you now hold. When you actually believe you are here to make a change, you are well on the way to maxing out your business leadership management potential.

Leaders have a strong desire to serve their customers. Effective leaders know that their clients, including those within their organisation, are still king. Leaders know they are there to serve their clients, that their clients are the real reason that they are on the payroll in any way.

Leaders are “on the job” 24/7/365. When a leader awakens from a dead sleep in the middle of a cold winter’s night by a phone call from their littlest most unimportant consumer, they’re wide awake and targeted on doing whatever they can to serve them, to make it right.

Whether or not that consumer is a newly hired trainee working on the loading dock or one whose orders are so small you’ve got to batch a couple of them together them to meet your shipping requirements – where are you? Are you in the car on the way to the office, heading to the turnpike off ramp where their car broke down, or are you still asleep in bed with the voicemail picking up? Your answer will tell a good deal about you as an effective leader.

How much of your energy is being spent helping your subordinates develop their business leadership management skills? Does every phone call that’s made need to be signed off on by you before actions can be taken? Or do you grow your folks, always looking for techniques to release their power by delegating every decision it is possible for some other person to make?

Isn’t is right that every organizational decision that is made is an opportunity to stretch your staff, enhance their judgement and willingness to take the hazards and assume the duties of leadership. Building their employee’s self-confidence at every opportunity, the effective leader never misses a chance to help their people grow today so they will be ready to make the decisions needed tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Your workers are your most valuable asset. Generally look for paths to help those assets increase in value, always give your folks the opportunities to achieve and then credit their actions and reward them for taking them.

Leaders know that in these competitive times people who execute with excellence are demonstrating the single competitive advantage they have, and the. One that gets or loses the business each and every time.

Leaders always act like they own the place, especially if they don’t. They spend the organization’s money like it was coming right out of their pocket even if it’s not. And the choices they make represent the type of choices that would make the organization’s founders proud.

These challenging times require everyone to be better leaders. When we are asked to make the difficult choices we make them. Leaders have the bravery of our convictions, and the character to see it through regardless of what.

It is true, business leadership management is finding and creating opportunities and meeting challenges others have not addressed. It is motivating your people, making informed, difficult calls for your organisation, and accepting accountability for the results of your actions. It’s the capability to induce folks and to give them the incentive to outshine their own limits to reach a common goal. Online management courses with your peers will seriously enhance your company's profitability, identify the missing pieces in your business puzzle, and reduce needless net result costs.


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