Who Is The Best Boxer of All Time?

March 1, 2012 · Posted in Entertainment 

The sports world recognizes boxing as a martial art of great popularity. Only two contendants take part in boxing, and they fight only with their fists. Each takes three minutes, and there are plenty of them. If you ask around as to who is the best boxer of all time, you will get diverse opinions from different people. The answer would depend up on the person who is listing the boxers. The boxers are classified according to their record, their strength or their technique.

Boxers are followed by admirers all over the world. Almost all matches are broadcasted, and the boxing fans lay huge wagers on the matches. Every boxer exhibits his distinctive style. The requirements of a boxer are strength, speed, nimbleness, staying power. He be able to place his shots in time. He also should be vigorous and fast in defending himself.

No matter what index you use to classify the boxer, you are sure to find the following six in any list. They are Roberto Duran, Willie Pep, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. They are known for their own style, pace, potency, nimbleness, timing and stamina. The boxers are grouped into three categories. That is, heavy weight, middle weight and light weight. Matches are conducted exclusively in each category.

If you go by the number of knockouts, you will find Sugar Ray Robinson will head the list with 108 knockouts. He is followed by Henry Armstrong with 101, Roberto Duran – 70, Willie Pep – 65, Joe Louis- 54, and Muhammad Ali – 37. However, knockouts are not be the only qualifying factor. Though Joe Louis was credited with only 54 knockouts, as against Sugar Ray Robinson’s 108, Joe successfully held the title of the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the world for twelve consecutive years.

The title of being the best boxer of all time could be claimed by Sugar Ray Robinson because of his 108 knockouts. Alternatively, Joe Louis could claim the title with his twelve years as the world heavy weight champion, even though he is low in the knockout list.

Muhammad Ali was declared the heavy weight champion three times. He is recognized as the best boxer in the world. He is a man of great strength and skill. However, when you look at his defense, you will find that it’s his flaw. He is known to have been beaten by boxers with greater stamina and speed.

Joe Calzaghe is a light heavy weight boxer, who has won 46 fights, out of which 32 were won by knockouts. In1 1995 he was chosen the young boxer of the year. Chris Eubank is one of the best middle weight boxers and was the world champion five times.

The job of choosing the best boxer is not easy. You will find that all the boxers that are mentioned herein are among the greatest and have a wide range of followers. They could all fit the title of the best boxer of all time. They are outstanding for various reasons, some because of their agility, timing, stamina, and others because of their speed and power.

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