Why Become a Legal Assistant

April 6, 2012 · Posted in Legal 

As we all know, lawyers are very busy people. They’re always bombarded with a lot of legal works and duties to do daily.

Definitely, they are not able to handle that much work by themselves. To lighten the weight off their workload, lawyers opt to employ legal secretaries. Legal Assistants are hired to fulfill almost any kind of duty allocated to them by their designated bosses.

Also known as “legal secretaries,” paralegals are highly-trained assistants trained to help lawyers in a number of legal aspects. These people are taught in subsidiary official affairs but are not entirely qualified to be called lawyers. Nonetheless, paralegals must also have understanding about the law and the procedures that are being followed in the legal structure.

Below are reasons why one would opt to become a paralegal: A Mounting Increase in Salary

Paralegal Today magazine’s April/June 2011 issue, where The 19th Yearly Salary Survey was featured, presented some promising outcome. Attracting paralegal applicants around the nation, the study states that the national average pay for law firm assistants in 2010 was a 1.3% growth from 2009, while corporate legal secretary salaries obtained a 1.7% growth from the earlier year.

The legal job market is rapidly thriving, giving the paralegals a much greater salary than previous years. As their workload multiplies, their pays also continue to increase. Staying close to approximately $50,000 annually, the average paralegal salary is often smaller in comparison to what they get through bonuses and additional cash from overtime shifts.

The paralegal salary isn’t as much as the salary of an attorney but it is still very good.

High Employment Demand Covering the biggest sector of legal career, choosing to become a paralegal is among the most popular career choices in the legal industry. The paralegal line of work has a faster employment growth, dubbing paralegals as among the fastest-growing jobs all over the United States. Because of the increasing demand for paralegal professionals, a number of educational institutions are now offering paralegal courses. The paralegal occupation continues to grow as legal departments and law firms employ more of these professionals to give the community more access to legal services.

Easy-to-Obtain Professional Qualifications

To perform law, a lawyer must go through roughly seven to eight years of proper education and has to pass the bar exam. Legal assistants, on the other hand, do not have to study law to get a degree. Many online programs offer courses for aspiring paralegals that are hassle-free and more accessible for the ones who would choose independent study in the confines of their own home. A bachelor’s degree in legal studies and a paralegal credential from an ABA-approved paralegal course are the prerequisites to better employment prospects.

High-level Thinking Abilities

Anyone with a talent for some mind-twisting or problem-solving is most probably bound to love working as a legal secretary. This job requires innovative thinking in order to succeed. Every day in this subject of study yields a new challenge for a paralegal to encounter. Expertise in investigation and drafting are also important for this job. An excellent legal secretary should also be updated with the latest legal trends and armed with the understanding of the law and its procedures.

Social Status

Over the years, the social position of a legal secretary has been rising. Nowadays, paralegals are not anymore regarded as secretaries or assistants; they are seen as valued members of the legal department as well. These individuals are fully prepared to deal with a majority of the work that lawyer and solicitors do, therefore making work more effective and attaining better results. Legal assistants now have a wider variety of tasks to fulfill, leading to a higher, more respected position in the legal world.

Being one of the most in-demand careers in the nation, becoming a paralegal can be the dawn of a brighter future before you. Why not learn on becoming one now?

Check the salary of a paralegal. Although it may not be as good as a salary of a lawyer but it is still something you need to study.


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