You Must Visit Cape Town

March 6, 2012 · Posted in Travel 

At the foot of Africa lies a city called Cape Town. It has become a well-known vacation spot over the last few years. The weather is so good that visitors are able to come here throughout the year on holiday.

A visit to Cape Town would almost be incomplete without going up Table Mountain. This natural icon rises above the city at a height of one thousand meters. It allows the visitor magnificent views of the surrounding area.

A cable car runs between the lower and upper stations and affords its patrons an all round view of the town at the bottom. A top class restaurant is located at the summit that serves customers local cuisine. The mountain is surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna that enhances the natural beauty.

Tourists are able to see and do a variety of things. As the weather in Cape Town is very holiday friendly for most of the year; the beaches that encircle the city are accessible throughout the year. The beauty that exists therefore is a major draw card.

Due to the extensive cultural history the city is able to offer visitors many places of interest. There are a lot of museums that are well placed throughout the town for tourists to frequent which tells the extensive story of the city’s history. The Dutch colonialists established the most important place of interest when they built the castle as it is the focal point of the city.

Cape Town hosts a significant number of festivals over the year. An example of this is the North Sea Jazz Festival that brings in world renowned musicians and their fans. Kirstenbosch botanical garden also organizes annual concerts which are attended by internationally acclaimed singers, bands and musicians.

The varied ethnicities and dynamic activities tourists experience are an exceptional set of situations that adds to an extraordinary vacation spot. Visitors may arrive with some predetermined thoughts and leave very happy. As Cape Town is positioned in a floral kingdom that exists only in this part of the world; its beauty is difficult to get away from.

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