Your Loan Modification: Know Your Loan Modification Attorney, Speak to Their Previous Clients

October 6, 2011 · Posted in Mortgages 

Although you can ask questions directly to your loan modification attorney, there are some things that they are not telling their clients. To know if a lawyer is both competent and honest, you have to ask the people that they have worked with previously: their CLIENTS. The clients are the best people who can give you honest and unbiased reviews about a certain lawyer.

Once a company has met the basic Standards for Trust of the organization, the firm will receive an accreditation from BBB with A being the highest and F being the lowest. Companies and professionals who wanted to obtain the honor of having an “A” rating from BBB must apply for an accreditation; this will boost their business as it assures the company’s reliability. Consequently, a loan modification attorney that has the highest BBB rating only shows that he or she is trusted. Lawyers who are placed in the “F” category are known to be scammers thus, must be avoided at all cost.

With the increasing number of fake mortgage help firms in the United States today, homeowners cannot risk hiring another bogus loan modification lawyer because there is so much at stake including your home. To look for the best in the glut of lawyers in the country, simply refer to the Better Business Bureau or even to the Federal Trade Commission. These two agencies provide a list of reliable and fake loan modification companies and lawyers in order to help the public prevent fraud victimization.

The BBB gives a very low rating to lawyers or companies that cannot provide detailed information regarding their business. Furthermore, the BBB Council has cleared rumors that the agency gives high rating only to its members. Although fees are still required for those who wanted to apply for an accreditation, the BBB will no longer add points to companies who pay them. This will give every business in the country an equal opportunity to obtain an “A” rating.

The BBB does not recommend your loan modification attorney; it can only supply information to the general public. If you want to have the best lawyer to handle your foreclosure case, it is better to look for one in the most reliable agencies in the country rather than trusting your home to some readily available attorneys who may or may not be fake. The stake on hand is too high that is why you need to be extra careful.

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